Klaus Martens

Frederick Philip Grove: A Dirge for My Daughter


Book Cover: Frederick Philip Grove: A Dirge for My Daughter
Editions:Paperback: € 12,80
ISBN: 978-3-8260-3464-0
Size: 14,40 x 23,00 cm
Pages: 92

by Frederick Philip Grove (Author), Klaus Martens (Editor)

Frederick Philip Grove aka Felix Paul Greve (1879-1948) was a well-known Canadian novelist and essayist of international reputation with a previous career as a prolific German translator and novelist. In 1927 – during the creative years which spawned such classics as Over Prairie Trails, Settlers of the Marsh, A Search for America, and Our Daily Bread – Grove’s beloved daughter Phyllis May died of a ruptured appendix at the age of not yet twelve years. This tragedy prompted the composition of the poems selected from the manuscripts and edited for this volume. The poems and the occasional accompanying commentaries by the author afford rare and touching insights into Grove’s fascinating personality often thought remote and inaccessible. Many of the poems, photos and facsimiles contained in the present volume have never been published before in the present or any other form. An introductory essay and notes by Klaus Martens, the editor, discuss the texts and their contexts. Klaus Martens (*1944), the author or editor of many scholarly and literary books and essays, is a professor of English and North American literature and teaches at the Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany. Four of his books deal with the life and work of F.P. Grove aka Felix Paul Greve, among them the much acclaimed Translated Lives: F.P. Grove in Canada and Europe (2001). A new book, Over Canadian Trails: F. P. Grove in Selected Letters and Documents, is forthcoming. Martens has also published several books of poetry and his poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies. His latest volume, Die Fähre. Ein Abgesang, will appear in 2006. As a literary translator, he edited and (co)translated editions and other major work by, among others, Elizabeth Bishop, Wallace Stevens, Char-les Simic, Dylan Thomas, and Derek Walcott.

Publisher: Königshausen & Neumann