Klaus Martens

State(s) of the Art: Considering Poetry Today

Book Cover: State(s) of the Art: Considering Poetry Today
Editions:Paperback: € 34,80
ISBN: 978-3826042768
Size: 15,60 x 23,70 cm
Pages: 220

J. Horner: The Medium Is the Message ? New Venues for Canadian Poetry in English Canada – D. Cooley: Feminism in Contemporary Canadian Poetry – B. Sentes: Charm Schools : Modes of Petitio Benevolentiae in Contemporary Canadian Poetry – M. Martín: Identity and Language in American Experimental Poetry : The Editorship Venture – M. Brito: Editing Little Magazines of American Poetry: From Poetry for Minorities to Voices of Acceptance – D. Büscher-Ulbrich: The Poet/Poem as Agent Provocateur : Sounding the Performative Dimension of Amiri Baraka’s “Somebody Blew Up America” – M. Pfeiler: Remediating The Making of Americans : A Twenty-First-Century Poetry Film in the Context of Twentieth and Twenty-First-Century Poetry Films and New Media – J. Novak: “Lip Up Fatty!” – Marketing Live Poetry as Popular Culture – S. Sorensen: John K. Samson, Poet Laureate of Winnipeg Rock – M. Oguchi: The Power of Multiplication. A Defense of Poetry in the Age of Hazy Identity – M. Mitsutani: Oral Readings and the Strange State of Poetry in Japan – G. Banita: Poetry and Collective Grief: The Popular Turn to Lyricism after 9/11 – M. Peterfy: Between Liberal Push and Sentimental Pull: American Poetry and the Forty-fourth American President – K. Martens: Poetic Progress as Poetic Regress?

Publisher: Königshausen & Neumann